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Wellness in the boarding house

Wellness services in the boarding house
The following services are offered in Balloon boarding house in Horní Věstonice : Finnish sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool bath, massages

Finnish sauna - Finnish sauna has beneficial effects on your health

If you like visiting wellness centres, you must have seen a Finnish sauna. As the name hints, the Finnish are traditionally considered to be the inventors of these heated log cabins. Saunas have become a popular form of relaxation all over the world. Correct use of sauna strengthens your immunity and helps you lose weight as sweating speeds up metabolic processes in the organism, such as burning of fat. It also helps the organism get rid of harmful substances and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Besides all that, this procedure keeps the skin fresh and beautiful, which is especially appreciated by women.

Wellness service pricelist

1 person CZK 160,- / 60 min. CZK 240,- / 90 min.
2 and more people CZK 90,- / 60 min. CZK 130,- / 90 min.
Maximum capacity: 6 people
Number of deck chairs for relaxing: 6

Steam sauna

Steam sauna is sometimes called warm mist spa (approx 45° C, humidity up to 100%). Steam bath is a popular and healthy sweat bath, similar to a sauna. However, it is not as hot compared to the classic sauna and the air is much more humid there. The effect of the procedure can be increased by adding essential oils or herbs.

Hot steam is suitable for treatment of respiratory problems and rheumatism, damp warm steam improves blood supply, cleans, revitalizes and embellishes the skin. Steam sauna is recommended as an excellent means of treatment and prevention of asthma, rheumatism, cold, muscle overstrain and blood supply problems. It has salutary effect on skin health and it helps with cleaning of pores, as well as during treatment of cellulitis, acne etc. It is a perfect means of relaxation which stimulates life functions, rejuvenates the organism and supports weight reduction.

1 person CZK 160,- / 60 min. CZK 240,- / 90 min.
2 and more people CZK 90,- / 60 min. CZK 130,- / 90 min.
The above stated prices are prices per one person.
Maximum capacity: 7 people
The price of sauna includes lending of a towel and a bed sheet.
Children up to 12 may enter the sauna only when supervised by an adult person!


1 person CZK 250,- / 30 min.
2 people CZK 280,- / 30 min.
Every other person CZK 100,- / 30 min.
Maximum capacity of 1 bathtub: 5 people
Children up to 12 may enter the whirlpool only when supervised by an adult person!


Classic massage
Overal CZK 480,-
Back massage CZK 280,-
Neck massage CZK 180,-

Manual lymphatic drainage massage
CZK 280,- / 30 min.
CZK 490,- / 60 min.

CERAGEM Regenerating massage bed
CZK 120,- / 40 min.

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